Friday, April 30, 2010

Kauai is awesome

We saw a giant Hyster in action (also some little ones like we design at CBDC).

We went on two zip lines. I screamed my head off on both.

We also did some kayaking. We are not so awesome at the cooperative stuff, but we figured it out eventually.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food for a month

I love cooking. And I love eating. But making dinner gets really old.

For a long time now, my strategy has been to make a big "pot'o'something" on the weekend which would provide lunches for the week and fill in gaps of nights when I didn't feel like cooking. That has worked out pretty well. We rotate between chili, Mediterranean stew, tortilla soup, and Moroccan chicken.

I am still tired of cooking dinner. Somehow Mel of "The Clothes Make the Girl" feels the same way.

So I decided to do some batch cooking. Last time I tried once a month cooking, I picked out way too many things and almost all new recipes. It was exhausting and didn't end up feeding us for as long as I'd hoped. This time I'm making double batches of a few big, easy meals. Like the pot'o'somethings we've been happily rotating already. Plus a few new ones for variety.

My wonderful man chopped up almost all of the veggies (for some reason the cauliflower is my responsibility). That meant 11 onions, 17 carrots, 8 bell peppers, 11 stalks celery, and 16 zucchini. It was a lot of chopping. It also made me think there must not be that much variety to our meals.

We made spaghetti meat sauce and paleo lasagna (from Everyday Paleo) after doing the shopping and chopping on Saturday.
Leftover zucchini became a smiley face. It makes me smile when I open the freezer.
 Aaron added some mozzarella to his half

Today we made primal chili (from Mark's Daily Apple), mediterranean stew (from, and chicken. We also ground a bunch of grass-fed beef into hamburger since we don't tend to eat a lot of roasts, let alone 4-pounders. We still have a moroccan casserole, a shepherd's pie, and tortilla soup to make, but we should have about a month's worth of food, not counting the nachos we eat 3 nights a week, lol.

nacho toppings: cheddar, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, olives, and salsa

Assuming I can remember to get stuff out of the freezer the night before.