Thursday, October 22, 2009

On mistakes

Whenever I learn something new through an error, I start wishing I could help other people avoid making the same mistake I did. The bigger the error, the more strongly I feel this way.

In addition, I've learned a lot in my life through the mistakes of others. (Sometimes when I think about all the dumb things I've done, I think I must be better at learning objectively than I am subjectively).

So, when I learn something new, something that feels important to me, I am going to do my best to pass it on to as many people as I think will listen or benefit.

Unfortunately, to learn anything, you first have to care about it. It's not possible, and I don't have the desire, to force anyone else to change. Hopefully this blog will give me a place to share what I've learned without people feeling like they're being told what to do.

I respect everyone's ability to make their own decisions, even if sometimes I'm driven to distraction attempting to understand them.

It is definitely not my goal to force my opinions on others. No matter how sure I think I am, I know there is always room to grow and learn more, so I really, truly value the views of others.

I hope to keep learning new things my entire life, and that means always being open to ideas that contradict my own.

This blog is also an opportunity to attempt to connect with bloggers who share my interests and passions. Their blogs have helped me feel more sane for caring about the things I care about.

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