Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I love Dax Moy

Dax Moy is awesome. He sends me motivational emails about once a week, maybe less. It's good to have a little kick in the pants every so often to remind me to keep working toward my goals.

He also has some great resources at his personal training site, like an elimination diet, a 9-day look great naked challenge, and workout videos. In addition to being a personal trainer, he has the magic hundred goal achievement program that I will buy once I figure out what it is that I want to achieve.

This is a message I got from Dax almost 2 months ago, but I've kept it in my inbox to keep reading and re-reading it until I absorb the message all the way:

When you think about it, there's nothing you have to be, nothing you have to do and nothing you have to have except what you're being, doing or having right now.

Everything else is a choice.

Everything else is something you WANT.

If you want it then why all the stress, frustration and unhappiness?
Go ahead, read it again. And then chill out and quit being so hard on yourself!

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